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Is the payment safe ?

Physical payments are taking place in within the secured SEPA banking enviroment :

  • Use your Apple or Android smartphone banking* app
  • Activate the scanner function, to capture the code by camera
  • Check and manually confirm to activate the transaction

Your smartphone shows the status instantly; Password and other security measures will be applied as this is common to your bankapp.

Where to download my Smartphone Banking App?
  • Download the app of your bank from the apple or android appstore
  • Registrate the app with your IBAN bank account
  • Use the scan function to “read” the PAYCODE

Does my bank support PAYCODE

PAYCODE supports all IBAN account numbers worldwide.

On what basis is this technology founded ?
  • SEPA – The standard of dataexchage as defined by the European Comitee
  • IBAN – The International Bank Account Number that identifies each account holder, including the bank and the country of residence.
  • ISO – International Standards for finacial data exchange
  • Open Source – The power of sharing technology around the globe
Professional use

Qrid, the company behind QR-PAYCODE, provides professionals around the globe with services like :

  • SEPA Plugins for integration into banking applications and apps
  • Instant payment notification service for merchants, vending machines and webshops
  • Online marketplaces to sell digital and physical goods using QR-PAYCODE

*Contact us to get a detailed list of services, documentation and downloads



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